The 10 best things to be dumped
by your customers

Bongiorno, today I propose the compilation of the top of the top of the best blunders to commit to be dropped by its customers.

The 10 best things to do to be dumped by your customers - The Web Optimizer

This little manual, which does not admit its name, can be read in two ways: either it will help you avoid some pitfalls, or it will help you to get rid of some customers with whom you do not have or want to work .

Let’s go !

1. I do not know

This is the best sentence to say to discredit you with your customers. Whatever you may say later, it will resonate for a long time in their minds and rhyme with “incompetent”.

2. The grumpy smurf

Constantly getting angry with your customer is a method that in the medium and long term can be effective if you want it to leak. So complain about doing the bear, especially on a mission that was boring to accomplish. And while you’re at it, criticize other customers every time you see it. He will have the strange feeling that you are also talking about him-badly with your other customers.

3. I subcontract

No matter what your client’s task is, please tell them openly without taking any precaution that you are outsourcing to an Indian or Pakistani graphic designer. Specify in the wake that it happens to be not regular, but that overall you are still happy with his work. Especially since it only costs you 2 euros an hour. You will then be able to note the disappointed mine of your interlocutor. To use in combo with “I do not know”.

4. Speak first

Cut the floor to his interlocutor and especially to speak first is the best strategy to put a ball in the foot. For example, announcing from the outset what your customer needs to have for their site when you have not bothered to ask what they want, remains an effective way to scare your customer away. In other words, you do not speak the same language. I myself at the beginning tested this strategy many times, and for once my order book was at a standstill.

5. Answer next to the plate

Your client says white, offer him black. And conversely. In practical terms, this gives these examples: when he wants a clean website give him baroque examples, if he speaks only French install him applications or an admin interface in English, etc.

hanged customer - The Web Optimizer

6. Do you speak Martian?

This technique is great when you see that your client can barely click a mouse. So get out of it the armada of the graphic designer’s technical language: talk to him about html5, .PSD, vector drawing, or PHP / MySQL, you’ll see it’ll calm him down.

7. 50% snail, 50% mute

How many times have I received an urgent message beginning with:

“Hello Cedric, I have an urgent request, it should be done for next Thursday”.

This is the open door, if you want to separate from the sender of the message, not to answer it or to do it on Friday. Technique to renew if it does not understand your message;)

8. Limit the time limit

A customer always bother you? You can not get rid of this leech? A super simple technique is that every time you have an appointment with, start by telling him that you have only ten minutes to devote to him. And watch your watch well. Uncleared topics during your short interview should be next time. And of course renew this strategy regularly. He will feel that he is no longer exclusive to you and will go to other horizons.

9. Propose a whimsical quote

Or announce that your prices have doubled since the last time. In general it is calm and your client will go elsewhere.

10. Have a foolish internet

This technique is ideal for videoconferencing on Skype. Approach your room discreetly and cut off the power supply. Reconnect and try again a couple of times. Say, even if it’s not true, that the 1MO image your customer sent you took 30 minutes to download. Finish with: “The technician must go to repair, but I do not know when,” if your customer makes a remark about the slowness of your internet. Technique to renew regularly for those who cling.

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