Why Akismet is a plugin for jerks ?

Why Akismet is a plugin for jerks - The Web Optimizer

Wooow! Akismet, according to many articles circulating on the web, is THE PLUGIN to fight spams on WordPress. All you need to do is to search on Google with the following keywords: “akismet wordpress comments”.

The number of glowing articles that appear is staggering.

First of all, Akismet is an anti-spam plugin for WordPress. Reference in this area, anyone who has installed a WordPress admin know that this plugin is provided by default (with Hello Dolly, which I personally still have not understood its purpose !).

📌 It’s known and recognized, so it’s reliable?

Well no, at least that’s not my opinion and I’ll explain why.

Many, especially from an unsuspecting public, will feel protected by installing this small application. In fact, I can say that they will feel more reassured than protected.

Already, the first thing is that every time Akismet acts to block a spam – that’s what it is asked to do at the same time! – a report of this action is written in the database of your site.

You will tell me that it makes you a beautiful leg. Certainly. But concretely, it weighs down your database. Not masses, just the size of a pair of lines (a few bytes). Not enough to panic, but this tiny increase is made every time Akismet comes into action.

Let’s make a comparison. Take a plastic cup, and throw it in your garden. The next day, take another one and do the same thing. And so on every day. At first, this first plastic cup may seem insignificant but already after a month, the thirty cups will be much more visible and your garden will really start disgusting.

Well it’s the same with your database. In the end, after a couple of years, your database will be considerably weighed down for nothing. Because I specify that these traces left by Akismet do not serve in fact nothing. You can erase them, your site will continue to run normally.

📌 And there is also a rule of thumb: the heavier your database is, the slower your site.

Akismet’s reputation takes a hit with this argument. Especially since to clean these lines that this application will have left, you have to connect to your database and enter the following SQL command line:

 SELECT * FROM wp_commentmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE “% akismet%”

Then this one

DELETE FROM wp_commentmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE “% akismet%”

Something that may seem simple for a web technician, but not everyone is a web technician …

Second argument: Akismet is both a magnet and an anti-spam strainer. Victim of its success, it attracts many more spam than normal. There is no doubt that spammers are very familiar with this plugin and know-for some- bypassing its defenses. Result: your site gets a lot more spam than normal.

📌 But what to do?

There are other plugins, much less known, but very effective. I prefer Antispam Bee. Since I installed it, few spams pass by. And even if some arrive in your comment box, if you store them as spam, all those who come from the same IP address or the same email address will automatically be blocked.

What to be really quiet.

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